About Melina

Don’t let words stop you from growing your business…

Hi! I’m Mel, your favorite website copywriter (yes, I’m manifesting).

I completely nerd out on all things health, mindset, productivity, self-improvement. And in case you were wondering, I’m an INFJ :).

I’m a public health expert by day and writer by night. My passion is getting people fired up to improve their lives and make the best out of their time here on Earth. 

I discovered my love for writing when I decided to listen to the voice inside me that wanted to get out and actually help others through sharing my lived experiences and expertise in behavior change. 

I started a blog about personal empowerment and still can’t get enough of inspiring people to take control of their lives and become happier and healthier.

So, what does this have to do with you?

Everything. Because you need someone like me to write for you.

That’s mighty bold, huh?

See, the thing is: I’m not like other copywriters. I didn’t get a PHD in digital marketing and advertising. I also didn’t get a PHD in journalism or English. But hear me out.

When done right, copywriting is more of an art than a science. It’s talking to people in your brand voice, meeting them where they are, and empowering them to take action to get where they want to be.

It’s what you do with your clients all the time, except in the written word. And I know you need a website that doesn’t just look pretty, but SOUNDS pretty. So, let’s move past all of that theory and get to the people.

The empath in me knows people and what makes them tick. And people are what makes your business go round, am I right?!

When people feel connected to your business on a personal level it builds trust with your brand, which naturally leads to more click-throughs (and sales). Who wouldn’t want that??

Your website copy, blogs, and landing pages are going to get your community fired up and ready to finally take that step they’ve been daydreaming about.

Want to know how? Send me a note so we can talk about your copywriting and content marketing strategy!

Ready to make word magic together?!

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